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Anyone serious about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has no-doubt scoured the internet looking for tutorials, tips and (dare I say it) 'tricks' to impress the major search engines and increase their website's presence. SEO, ofcourse, is a vital part of any web master's publicity campaign.

However, I feel that the vast majority of available SEO techniques focuses too heavily on technical aspects and not enough on the actual content itself.

Build it and they will come
Content, content and a little bit more content for good measure! That is the real secret to web-success. As a web-master, you have got to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What am I trying to achieve?
2. Who am I trying to impress?
3. Does my site have a unique selling point? Does it stand out from the crowd?
4 .What can I give to my visitors to keep them hooked?

The answers such questions might be:

1. A successful web-presence.
2. People, men, women and children (maybe even their pets)! Anybody and every body interested in my subject. Hopefully convert others to my way of thinking.
3. Fresh, enthusiastically written content; independent in both ideas and the fundamental concept to my competitors...not just another 'blaa-blaa' site.
4. Plenty of solid advice (the wealth of my knowledge - no catches), downloads, captivating articles, RSS feeds, entertainment, etc.

If you build something that people want, then you will have success. Your visitor should always be at the centre of your SEO campaign. Your website's reputation for being 'the site to visit' will soon spread by word of mouth (or perhaps e-mail and web-links) and visitors will pour in at an exponential rate.
A thing to consider: for the web entrepreneur

For the best results, create a website on a subject/theme that you feel passionate about. There is nothing worst than creating content or writing articles on subjects you couldn't care less about. Your lack of enthusiasm will be reflected in your choice of language. Without such enthusiam, all of the keywords and phrases that help identify the quality level and essence of your pages will be limp and sparse.

So the key, I believe, is not just in SEO techniques; it's right and proper to consider your title tags, headers, alt's, etc, but most importantly your content has to be 'energetic'. Can you be energetic about a subject you couldn't care less about?

Remember, your target shouldn't be the search engine, but the visitor to your site, because the bottom line is, they are the ones that will make your site an over night success, or an embarrasing flop.

By James Middleton


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